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My Internship At New York University - 1022 Words

Chris told me everything about his firm and his lifestyle there. I work in a financial advising firm that specializes in comprehensive financial planning for their clients. I majored in finance at New York University because I wanted to make a lot of money, and why not make a lot of money for others on the way. I am at my current job because of an internship I did in the summer before my senior year. It was my first internship in finance because I really did not know what I wanted to do in the field. Some of my friends wanted to be investment bankers or go into corporate finance, but that industry did not seem to interest me as much as it did for them. During my junior year, I interviewed for Merrill Lynch, and secured the internship. The summer was great and I was given an offer to return full-time as an analyst. I think they gave me an offer over others because I got close with many of the people above me. I networked extensively, trying to get coffee and chat with associates and a nalysts just to pick their brain and really get to know everyone. I always made time to chat with them because I knew that my supervisor would ask them about me; it was also a great time to learn from their experiences. I remember some of the other interns only communicated with analysts and associates about work. They didn’t take the time to develop a genuine relationship with them and I believe that is why I was chosen over some of them. My typical day as an analyst can beShow MoreRelatedEssay on Unpaid Internships: Pricy or Priceless?1618 Words   |  7 Pagestheir chances of getting their desired jobs. Internships provide valuable experience necessary for jobs and are an important part of the academic career. However, when it comes to internships, the issue of unpaid internships may be raised with opinions differing on the question of the benefits of such unpaid internships. Many people believe that since a salary does not cover the emerging costs, like living expenses and transportation, unpaid internships turn into a pricy experience that lay an evenRead MoreThe Implementation Of The Project Resource Plan1328 Words   |  6 Pages12 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Resources Project Life Cycle Resource Load Profile CAP ECM SOA QA Consultant Total 20 Part VI: Evaluation Reflection on the internship In this chapter I reflect on the internship. Regarding my learning goals I shortly discuss my experiences; if I have achieved my goal, whether I experienced difficulties and what I think I have to improve. Learning goals Understanding how the business operates (The functioning and working conditionsRead MoreMy First Love Is Doing Business904 Words   |  4 PagesMy first love was doing business. With my family operating a restaurant when I was a child, I unconsciously learned how to run an operation and deal with customers within the business surroundings. It would be easy to trace its origins back to my mother, who was a restaurant manager, and while she definitely encouraged me, I had a natural drive to unlock the power of doing business, which gave me a lens through which to view the world around me. During the summer of my junior year in high schoolRead MoreAn Internship At Apg Asset Management After Graduating College893 Words   |  4 PagesMy decision to take a degree in Real Estate Finance and Investment was prompted during my internship at APG Asset Management after graduating college. I have always loved everything about the business and finance world and will fight hard to have a place i n it. Unlike most kids, it took real life work experience for me to know where I wanted to go in life. I was lucky enough to have an internship at an Asset Management firm the summer out of my undergrad. It was fascinating to me, working withRead MoreProfile Of The Conference And Event Center1114 Words   |  5 Pageslocation in downtown Niagara Falls, between the Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel and the entrance of the Niagara Falls State Park, ensures the versatility to create an event guests will love. The building itself is owned and governed by the State of New York. The building is 116,000 square feet of meeting and event space that can host a variety of activity. The Conference and Event Center of Niagara Falls is managed by Global Spectrum. Global Spectrum is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and managesRead MoreThe Bell Jar, By Sylvia Plath1657 Words   |  7 Pagesreadings we were given to select from for our Midterm Assignment, I chose to conduct my initial psychosocial and diagnostic assessment on the character, Esther, from the semi-autobiographical novel â€Å"The Bell Jar†, by Sylvia Plath. The protagonist in the novel is a 19-year-old girl from the suburbs of Boston growing up in the 1950’s who has accepted a summer internship working at a prominent magazine in New York City. It is made clear from the beginning of the novel that Esther’s move has resultedRead MoreNot Another Pledge Death Essay1178 Words   |  5 PagesGreek Life, or the presence of fraternities and sororities, exists in many colleges and universities. According to Michael Grandillo in an Encyclopedia article, â€Å"there are more than 5,500 chapters on 800 campuses throughout the United States and Canada.† Although Greek Life is so common, participation in such organizations can be a controversial topic, particularly when critics suggest that hazing can be detrimental to students health and college careers. For those who do not know much about GreekRead MoreStem Education : Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics1220 Words   |  5 Pages being low, student debt, and admission for the lower class and minorities. The government should not have that responsibility to rate universities. In room for debate Michael Bastedo, an associate professor of education writes about how government ratings could have unintended consequences. Michael makes a valid observation; ratings put the pressure on upon university, therefore, students suffer with maintaining requirements they set up for them. In high school it was dreadful they had so much standardizedRead MoreQuang Vu Essay632 Words   |  3 PagesThis is the interview that I,Quang Vu, had with Mrs.Toussant on Octcber 17,2000. The interview was taken place on October 17,2000 at Southern University between Mrs.Toussant who is a nutritionist teaching at S.U and Quang Vu. Mrs.Toussant graduated with B.S from Southern University in May,1973.She passed the R.D examination in 1975 then moved to New York and worked at Saint Louis Medical Hospital.About one year later,she had worked at Simply Hospital in Washington D.C.Then she moved to Texas andRead MorePersonal Statement For Tisch School Of The Arts708 Words   |  3 Pagesacting school. I grew up in an artistic family. My parents were singers and musicians. I began acting in shows during elementary school. As an adult, I acted in community and regional theaters. I performed in Urdu and Punjabi languages. I grew up in culturally diverse household and community. This helped me go through different personal and societal experiences and enabled me to live out my own and other people s stories through my acting. Also, my collaborative nature, strong sense of imagination

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Filipino Psychology - 3078 Words

Filipino psychology, or Sikolohiyang Pilipino, in Filipino, is defined as the psychology rooted on the experience, ideas, and cultural orientation of the Filipinos. It is regulated by the Pambansang Samahan sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino, (National Organization of Filipino Psychology), in English, which was established in 1975 by Virgilio Enriquez, regarded by many as the Father of Filipino Psychology. Four traditions Zeus Salazar (1985), a historian, identified four traditions upon which Philippine psychology is rooted: Academic Scientific Psychology or Akademiko-siyentipikal na Sikolohiya: Western Tradition: This follows the tradition of Wilhelm Wundt in 1876 and is essentially the American-oriented Western psychology being studied in†¦show more content†¦Katarungan: Loosely translated to justice, this actually refers to equity in giving rewards to a person. Kalayaan: Freedom and mobility. Ironically, this may clash with the less important value of pakikisama or pakikibagay (conformity). Approaches and methods Approaches, or lapit, and methods, or pamamaraan, in Filipino Psychology are different from that of Western Psychology. In Filipino Psychology, the subjects, or participants, called kalahok, are considered as equal in status to the researcher. The participants are included in the research as a group, and not as individuals - hence, an umpukan, or natural cluster, is required to serve as the participants, per se. The researcher is introduced to a natural cluster by a tulay (bridge), who is a part of the umpukan and is a well-respected man in the community. Some of the many approaches and methods used in Filipino Psychology are: Pakikipagkuwentuhan: In this method, the researcher engages in a story-telling with an umpukan. The researcher merely serves as the facilitator, while the kalahok or participants are the one who are to talk. The term kwento, from the Spanish word cuento, literally means to tell a story. Panunuluyan: In this method, the researcher stays in the home of his kalahok or participant while he conducts the research with consent by the host family, whose head serves as the tulay to an umpukan. The term tuloy, which is the root word of the term panunuluyan, literally means to goShow MoreRelatedFilipino Psychology: on Spirituality, Homosexuality, Psychopathology2302 Words   |  10 PagesOn Filipino Psychopathology Psychopathology is said to be the deviation of an individual’s behavior as compared to the norms of the society. It is classified into two—neurosis and psychosis. In a third world country like ours, it is a fact that poor people outnumber the rich ones, that’s why most Filipinos are prone to having problems, especially economic/financial ones. For some, these problems lead to emotional and psychological disturbances. But the question lies on which extent does these disturbancesRead MoreChapter2: Review of Related Literature and Studies1861 Words   |  8 PagesThis chapter presents the literature and related studies which have direct bearing on this study. It also discusses the values reflected in the proverbs and the proverb as a reflection of Filipino character, its function in the society, its nature and purpose, its stylistic peculiarity and its significance in Filipino culture. Folklore Prof. Damiana Eugenio (2002), a renowned Filipina folklorist, said that there is no universally accepted definition for the word â€Å"folklore†. But she gave a descriptionRead MoreImplications of Taking Care of a Filipino Patient673 Words   |  3 PagesNursing Batch 2016 Implications of Taking Care of a Filipino Patient Communication and language play a vital role in establishing good connection between patients and their respective health care providers such as nurses. Mejico (2004) concluded that, â€Å"it is in their own mother tongue that a person can truly express his innermost sentiments, ideas, perceptions, and attitudes.† Relating it to class discussions, most Filipino students find it easier to learn and understand if the teacherRead MoreFilipino Social Acceptance1784 Words   |  8 PagesKNOWLEDGE REGARDING FILIPINO VALUES AND ITS STUDIES: Felipe Landa Jocano is a Professor Emeritus at the Asian Center of the University of the Philippines and Executive Director of PUNLAD Research House, Inc. He has authored numerous books on various aspects of Filipino Society and Culture. Frank Lynch is an anthropologist who came to the Philippines and study Filipino values and the acceptance of this in the society , founder of Frank Lynch university. Robert Hennig- B.S. Psychology, 1974, UniversityRead MoreIntergenerational Cultural Dissonance2449 Words   |  10 PagesIt’s normal to want to challenge authority when growing up, because it helps young people to make their own decisions and become individuals. Teenagers rely on few close friends and the last people expected to be confidants are their parents. As a Filipino-American and a child of immigrant parents, the consequences of my rebellion are much more serious than for a child of American-born parents. My parents raised me as if I was growing up in the Philippines. The values and practices they had were completelyRead MoreFliptop Battle: the Modern Balagtasan4068 Words   |  17 Pageswords especially on Filipino people as shown on television, internet, radio, or even newspaper. Multimedia serves as a pathway for manifesting new ideas on preserving languages like the newly formed Filipino rhythmical poetry debate known as â€Å"Fliptop Battle† popularized through â€Å"Youtube†, a very popular video sharing Web site that lets anyone upload short videos for private or public viewing.4 Fliptop Battle is a rap battle league in the Philippines partake by young Filipino rappers or popularlyRead MoreThe Socio-Economic Factors Affecting the Decision of Ofw Family Members of Upv Students to Work Abroad6203 Words   |  25 PagesDecision of OFW Family Members of UPV-CAS Students to Work Abroad A Research Paper Submitted by: Anna ViktoriaBanay Camille May Savillo Submitted to: Prof. Karen Varona October 4, 2012 Abstract One reason for the increasing number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is the search for better job opportunities abroad. However, this is not the only cause for the increase in the flow of human labor outside the country. Sociological factors also play a part in influencing the decision to migrate abroadRead MoreHistory of Philippine Trnslation in the Philippines6599 Words   |  27 Pagesretold in Spanish two legends in Panay 2. Fray Ignacio Francisco Alzina - summarized in Spanish two narrative poems in Boholano 1940 - There were six million people with Spanish speaking skills in the Philippines 1950 Census - stated that Filipinos who spoke Spanish as a first or second language made up only 6% of the population 1973 - Spanish ceased to be an official language 1987 – Spanish is a college requirement during Aquino’s administration 1990 - The census reported that the number hadRead MoreResearch Methodology On The Data Gathering Procedure1129 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent classrooms particularly from University of the East Manila Senior High School students as long as it fits the scope and delimitations. SELECTION OF THE STUDY The selection of one (1) to five (5) Senior High School students with Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) parents ranged from sixteen (16) to eighteen (18). Study ages from 16 to 18 measures the resistance to squint influence that reduces social, desire, responding, and disengage assessments of the juveniles’ participation in antisocialRead MoreWhat I Believe Cultural Competence1344 Words   |  6 Pagesto acknowledge other cultural differences, which intern leaves us to project and compare our perception of ourselves to others. Furthermore, this is why I believe cultural competence in psychology has the knowledge and skills to make a decision in someone else’s cultural context. Cultural competence in psychology has the knowledge and expertise to make a decision in someone else’s cultural context. I’m a future provider of appropriate psychological services, which is why I found these readings entirely

Advertising and promotion in Coca-Cola Free Essays

string(50) " communicate with name and/or product or service\." Introduction Task 1 Q1. Explain the communication process that applies to advertising and promotion (P1) Advertising and promotion are an integral part of our social and economic systems. In our complex society, advertising has evolved into a vital communications system for both consumers and businesses. We will write a custom essay sample on Advertising and promotion in Coca-Cola or any similar topic only for you Order Now The ability of advertising and other promotional programmers are makes the target audience at the marketing level. Its makes the organization feedback to the market situation of goods and products which are newly come to the competitive market Advertising is the structured and composed, nonperson communication of information. It is usually paid for and usually persuasive, about products, services, or ideas. There are four important dimensions of advertising (communication, marketing, economic, and social) creates a clear concept about what advertising is and how it has evolved. The promotion is the process of commodities at newly introduce to the market, it also offer coupons, free samples, contests, or rebates on the purchase price. By offering added value, promotion accelerates sales. So it is a very effective tool for the new product at the market. It is often used in conjunction with advertising—to promote the promotion. The promotional planner should recognize the different effects various types of advertising messages might have on consumers and whether they are appropriate for the product or brand. The message is done by the (print, TV, radio, newspaper, direct marketing) and their cost implications might also occur at this process. Q2. Explain the organization of the advertising and promotions industry in the UK (P2) At the UK which of the organization are responsible for the advertising and promotion activities that’s organizations activities are as follows; EFSP The European Federation of Sales Promotion (EFSP) was founded in 1980. It is a forum for countries across Europe to meet, exchange ideas and work together. It also enhances the reputation and promotes the highest standards of the Sales Promotion industry in Europe. It maintains two main areas of activity are lobbying and annual awards. EACA The mission of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) is to represent full-service advertising and media agencies and agency associations in Europe. The aim of EACA is to promote honest, effective advertising, high professional standards, and awareness of the contribution of advertising in a free market economy. It’s also work for encourage close co-operation between agencies, advertisers and media in European advertising bodies. European Federation of Sales Promotion (EFSP) The European Federation of Sales Promotion (EFSP) was founded in 1980, and changed its name to the Promotional Marketing Council of Europe in September 2002 when it became a part of EACA (the European Association of Communication Agencies). This organization deals with the sales Promotion in Europe. Promotional Marketing Council of Europe The PMC is an organization that represents the Sales Promotion industry across Europe including Clients, Agencies and Suppliers. Member countries are France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and Austria and the membership of these organizations accounts for an estimated 80 % of the sales promotion business in those countries. Q3. Explain what problems advertising companies are facing currently and how they can solve them (M1) Today’s advertising companies face several problems which are deals with the new business process, adapting to web/interactive marketing, cash flow, the slow economy, shrinking client budgets, finding qualified employees, obtaining larger clients and shrinking profit margins. The main problems are as follows; Complexity for the run new company. Accumulate the budget support for the activities of the company. Complexity for the new promotion and campaign activities. Find the proper employee and to maintain them. Reach to the new clients and accumulate them for the new products. Generate new ideas for the new advertisement of new products. Proper media support for the advertisement and promotion. Q4. Explain the role of advertising in an integrated promotional strategy for Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd (P5). Advertising really plays a big role in Coca-Cola’s success. Its advertising has been rather pervasive, as one of Woodruff’s stated goals was to ensure that everyone on Earth drank Coca-Cola as their preferred beverage. Advertising for Coca-Cola is now almost everywhere, especially in southern areas of North America, such as Atlanta, where Coca-Cola was born. The most popular words in the world in 20th contrary are: God, she and Coca-Cola. After the highest popularization of word – â€Å"OK†, the second one is â€Å"Coca-Cola†. 98% of the people know â€Å"Coca-Cola†. That’s the result of Coca-Cola spending 6 hundred million dollar on promotions. There are five main ways of promoting the brand – Coca-Cola. The first one is traditional advertising, like showing advertisements on TV or posters. The second one is the sponsoring of sport events. The third one is online promotion. The fourth one is selling Coca-Cola’s collections. The fifth one is local promotion held by bottlers or retailers. Although the main advertisements in every country still follow this strategy, especially using the local stars to attract young customers, Coca-cola begun to use computer technology to make cartoon images which matches local culture or just funny. Q5. Explain branding and how it is used to strengthen a company like Coca-Cola (P6). Branding is the building of trust with employees, customers and stakeholders. In marketing terms, the definition of branding is the sum total of a company’s value, including products, services, people, advertising, positioning and culture. Brands give potential clients a firm idea of what they are buying before they buy it, making the purchasing decision easier. Customers trust strong brands because they know what to expect. The most important reason is that it can help increase the sales of Coca-Cola. This means that when need to increase prices then the target audience will be accepting of price increase. Branding also encourages confidence and trust in product/service. Brandings introduce new products at the newly face at the market level also its increase the customers attraction for the new products at the market. It should reflect – through the use of logo, name stripling – brand values. It should clearly communicate with name and/or product or service. You read "Advertising and promotion in Coca-Cola" in category "Essay examples" The Coca-Cola follows this for its branding such the logo and the color combination of logo. The identity should be applied consistently across all media – for example its color and its positioning on a page or screen should remain familiar across all marketing material. If consider partnering with other companies, ensure that the brand and brand identity reflect theirs and vice versa. Q6. Demonstrate your creative thinking regarding Coca-Cola branding and its popularity in the UK market (D3). Coke’s branding strategies had to go beyond brand positioning and associations. To ensure that customers had formed a harmonious relationship with the brand, the objective of brand resonance had to be achieved. Coca- Cola is a already brand product at the world wide. But for the increase of its popularity at the UK market this company may takes several initiatives for its new advertisement and promotion activities. Coca-Cola needs the new branding approach for the target market, its needs different promotion activities for the all levels of customers. It takes the approach for the all level of market demand for the familiarity of its. For complete this work Coca-Cola needs the price promotion. Also Coca-Cola needs new steps for the promotion activities at the different level of customers. New campaign programme are set for introduce different flavor of Coca-Col. Task 2 Q7. Asses how promotion is regulated in the UK (P3) The UK marketing industry recognized the need for trust in advertising when it setup the advertising self-regulatory system for non-broadcast advertising in 1961. Since then, the UK’s system of self-regulation has helped to ensure advertising remains responsible: honest advertising helps to keep customers coming back. The 11th edition of the British Code of Advertising and Sales Promotion came into force on 4 March 2003. The purpose of the Code is to maintain, in the best and most flexible way possible, the integrity of marketing communications in the interests of both the consumer and the trade. Advertising in the UK is controlled through a combination of codes of practice and legislation. There are two advertising codes – which are created, monitored and revised by two committees. These are the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP). The CAP Code deals with the non-broadcast advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing. The BCAP deals with the rules for broadcast advertising. These are enforced where necessary by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Since 28 February 2011, Broadcasting regulations rules have been relaxed to allow product placement – ie paying to have a product or service included or referred to – in selected types of TV broadcasts. This includes: films series made for TV or other audiovisual media services – eg video on demand sports programmes light entertainment shows However, product placement isn’t allowed for certain types of goods, and it’s banned completely in all children’s, news, current affairs, consumer affairs and religious programming. Q8. Examine current trends in advertising and promotion among soft drink advertisers in the UK and explain the impact of ICT on advertising and promotion industries (P4) Soft drink is one of the most important product categories in the delivered wholesale and cash and carry markets. It contributes more than ?1billion of sales per year through independent retail, catering and on-premise outlets. It is a category maintaining momentum through creative marketing and promotions, new product developments and fresh packaging formats. The current trends in advertising and promotion activities which are going at the UK market that’s depends on the following reasons; Encourage excessive consumption of food or drink products. Encourage the purchase of food or soft drinks by inappropriately using licensed characters, celebrities or promotional offers in ads intended for children. Encourage the new generation to the soft drink. Promote consumption of different kinds of soft drinks promotional offer. The advertising of different flavor of soft drink at the different level of customers. The ideas of new advertisement programme which takes by the different advertisement companies. The impact of ICT on advertising and promotion are as follows; Now a day’s advertisement is done by the different ICT programmes such as by the broadcast, by internet. But the misuse of this there is several impacts is going on the product advertisement. There are some impact is create for the change of ICT use at the advertisement. For the revulsion of use ICT at the advertisement and promotion activities are create new dimension at this sector. Q9. Review the creative aspect of Coca-Cola advertisement (P7) Coca-Cola’s promotion has had a significant impact on American advertising and its overall culture. It is even (erroneously) credited with the invention of the US traditional Santa Clause image. Anyway, Coca Cola advertising history demonstrates how the marketing science has been developing over time. Below there is a visual tour into the company print advertising. 1890 – Drink Coca Cola Coca-Cola first print ad was published in 1895 featuring a young Bostonian actress named Hilda Clark who was the company spokesperson. Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains It satisfies the thirsty and helps the weary. Take one glass of Coca Cola when weary with shopping. 1950 – Be refreshed! â€Å"Be refreshed! Pause for Coke! Only Coca-Cola gives you the cheerful lift that’s bright and lively†¦ the cold crisp taste that deeply satisfies! No wonder Coke refreshes you the best!† â€Å"Spending the day on the waterYou’ll really welcome the cold crisp taste of Coca-Cola that so deeply satisfies†¦ the cheerful lift that’s bright and lovely. No wonder Coke is the real refreshment†¦ anytime†¦ anywhere† 1960 – Things Go Better with Coke The â€Å"Things Go Better with Coke† campaign was adapted to the youth market by using catchy colors and fashionable concepts. 1970 – During the mid-1970s, the political uncertainty in the United States determined Coca-Cola advertising campaign. As the nation questioned its direction, Coca-Cola reminded Americans of their country’s positive values in the â€Å"Look Up, America† campaign. 1976 – Coke Adds Life In May 1976, The Coca-Cola Company introduced a new campaign, presenting the brand as the soft drink for all occasions. Aimed at the young and young-at-heart, the new campaign, â€Å"Coke Adds Life to †¦,† was designed to show viewers that Coca-Cola added simple enjoyment to life. 1982 – Coke is it! In early 1982, Coca-Cola launched a new ad campaign, â€Å"Coke Is It!† The direct, positive statement was meant to appeal to the forthright mood of Americans in the 1980s. â€Å"Coke Is It!† represented the new taste and concept. The public, however, demanded the return of the traditional drink, so the campaign turned out to be fiasco. 1993 – Always Coca Cola In 1993, The Coca-Cola Company made a dramatic shift in its advertising by introducing the memorable â€Å"Always Coca-Cola† campaign, by Creative Artists Agency and later Edge Creative. Animated polar bear became one of the most popular symbols of Coca-Cola. 2002 – The Coke Side of Life Q10. Use critical reflection to evaluate your work, justify your findings and make valid conclusions (D1). This work is conduct with the advertisement and promotion of the new products which are introduced at the new business world. At this work mainly reflect with the advertisement and promotion activities of the Coca-Cola Company. The major findings of this work are the process and procedure which are takes for the promotion activities by the Coca-Cola. Also at this work discuss about the regulation for the advertising authorities and how these authority evaluate this. There are discussing about the new techniques for the promotion of the new products at the market. However, with the turn of the millennium, while Coke’s international sales were doing well it was facing some new challenges – especially in its largest market of UK. Q11. Examine ways of working with advertising agencies (P8) Companies work hard to ensure they provide premier goods and services to their markets. Small to mid-sized businesses use advertising agencies to help them relay their messages to the public. Though outsourcing means using the services of a separate entity, it is important to foster good relations with them so the relationship becomes mutually beneficial. Be flexible Know where you want to be, but be flexible in getting there. Remember why you sought the help of an advertising agency in the first place. Don’t assume you have all the answers. It’s technical There is a science behind advertising. How colors collaborate, words work with pictures, etc. contributes to the effectiveness of advertising. Understand you may desire a certain look, but advertising agencies hold the expertise; they know how best to advertise for your company. Have one liaison You may be accustomed to discussing business matters with several people or a board. When it comes to advertising, people host different opinions making it difficult to arrive at a final decision. Advertising agencies recommend appointing one person to work with them directly. This eliminates conflicting views that discourage agencies from working with you further. Know your customers Successful businesses sometimes assume they know their customers because their products/services sell very well. This is a common mistake. Advertising agencies may suggest conducting market research to understand how to reach your customers. This will cost more, but will be advantageous to your advertising campaign as a whole. Q12. Communicate with any advertising agencies and present your findings (that you have learnt for Q11) in a suitable format (M3). Communicate with advertising agencies at first look after the goods and service of the company also know about the process for the advertisement of the product. For the proper communication know about the technical aspects and the product promotion aspects and details description of the market valuation of the product response is needed. When inform about the choice of the customers then the product advertising is done carefully also select the level of the customer who needs the product. At the time of campaigning of product advertisement then choose the location for proper advertisement also needs the proper process for the campaigning of product with the product value description. Task 3 Q13. Explain primary techniques of below-the-line promotion and how they are used in an integrated promotional strategy for Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd or any business in the UK (P9). The terms â€Å"below the line† promotion or communications, refers to forms of non-media communication, even non-media advertising. Below the line promotions are becoming increasingly important within the communications mix of many companies, not only those involved in FMCG products, but also for industrial goods. Below the Line uses less conventional methods than the usual specific channels of advertising to promote products, services, etc. than Above the Line strategies. These may include activities such as direct mail, public relations and sales promotions for which a fee is agreed upon and charged up front. Below the line advertising typically focuses on direct means of communication, most commonly direct mail and e-mail, often using highly targeted lists of names to maximize response rates. Another interesting and very effective BTL is Ssop Intercept. Trained sales personnel, often young women, are deployed at Retail Stores, near the shelves of targeted products. These young women convince customers visiting these shelves about the better aspects of their brand compared with others. This is ideal for new launches as it generates trials, which if successful result in repeat sales. Coca Cola Great Britain (CCGB) is responsible for marketing Coca Cola products within UK. There are over 100 products within UK. One of their responsibilities is developing new brands and extending existing brands. The sustainable growth of the Coca-Cola system depends on the ability to work effectively together through collaboration, mutual support and shared goals. The system strengths lies in coca cola routes-to-market and our ability to help the customers grow their businesses, continually enhancing the value of brands to both customers and consumers. In order to continually grow business of Coca Cola Company needs to be increasingly efficient in use of resources. Below-the-line promotions are becoming increasingly important within the communications mix of many companies, not only those involved in individual products, but also for industrial goods. Q14. Select and/or design appropriate methods/techniques for the Coca-Cola Enterprise to boost their sales and meet strategic targets by 2012 (M2). The integrated management system of the Coca-Cola business for meet the strategies goal for 2012 is— The Coca-Cola Management System (TCCMS) is the new management system for achieve the target by the company. This system aligns with the internationally recognized requirements for quality, environment, health and safety, and food safety. In 2010, the Coca-Cola system will begin to transition to ISO standards for all Management System requirements previously covered by TCCMS. †¢ Quality: Coca-Cola management procedures ensure that we maintain high-quality standards. Ten facilities earned TCCMS certification in North America and all of production facilities in Europe are ISO 9001 certified. †¢ Environment: All of European production facilities are ISO 14001 certified, and 17 facilities in North America achieved TCCMS certification in 2008. †¢ Health and safety: Currently, 18 of European facilities are ISO 18001 certified and 17 facilities in North America are TCCMS certified. †¢ Food safety: Six of European production facilities are ISO 22000 certified and plan to certify six more in 2009 also certify 23 U.S. production facilities in 2009. Q15. Evaluate other techniques used in below-the-line promotion for Coca-Cola Enterprise L td or any other business in the UK (P10). The Coca-Cola company is not a new company to achieve the below-the-line promotion which are target by the company. The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing department is accountable for the brand development, maintenance and positioning of all of the Coca-Cola Company’s brands. They focus on all above-the-line marketing and national promotions for trade and end consumers through the appropriate media channels and brand activation. Coca-Cola Company focuses on understanding the market, and is primarily responsible for brand research, consumer research, and pricing studies. By maximizing the potential of brands, developing innovative new brands and introducing Coca-Cola’s international brands into UK, they ensure that our products are the first choice of consumers. Green contest- Coca Cola has launched a green contest that is aimed at promoting environmental sustainability. Coca Cola Wonder of the World Promotion- Allowed consumers to get the opportunity to win a dream vacation to destinations such as Paris, Hollywood, New York, Singapore and Cairo. The promotion sparked an interest within the public who avidly collected their Coca Cola caps. All the promotional tactics of Coca cola aim to shape the culture of the population to think that drinking Coca Cola is the way of life. Q16. As a senior manager of Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd. how would you carry out responsibilities for managing and organizing advertising and promotion activities to meet its strategic target (D2)? Completing the target of market demand at the Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd. Takes the following steps for advertising and promotion activities; New campaign activities at the all market level and for all customers. New advertisement takes for the all levels of customers. Takes different types of new variation of product introduce at the market with new advertisement and promotion activities. Regular monitoring the advertisement and promotion activities at the market level. Ensure the customer about the new thematic promotion and products potentialities. Task 4 Q17. Follow an appropriate process for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy (P11). The marketing plan then, is a dynamic document which focuses on bringing marketing strategies to life, serving as a roadmap for carrying out marketing activities and implementing marketing strategies. It is a multi-step process, which considers the following: Formulating a strategy of company or division and making sure that appropriate linkages are made between company strategy and marketing activity planning. Analyzing the environment within which you do business to make sure the marketplace, the industry, competitors, and other influences. Carrying out market profiling, enabling you to identify market segment, target customer types, and overall demand. Additionally, analysis of the industry and competitors, coupled with analysis of customer types, enables the creation of demand possibilities and the resulting forecasts. The marketing mix, which considers a combination of activities which come together harmoniously, in bringing the product to market and sustaining it while in the market. Budgeting of marketing programs so that the appropriate sales goals and corporate strategies can be attained. Q18. Carry out the development of a promotional plan for Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd. or any business in the UK (P12). Sampling-if objective is to trial the product then sampling is an effective sales promotion method. Usually sampling is involved with low value products and products having highly visible features of benefits. Couponing-it is one of the oldest sales promotion strategies and sometimes couponing makes the product problematic by cheapening your brand name. Coupon is mainly used for attracting new customers as well as to increase instant sales with price reduction of a product. Loyalty schemes- It is basically a point based system, where each customer gets some points on each purchase and later he can use these points on buying the same products or other products at a reduced price. To many marketers, loyalty schemes are also known as-frequent purchasing scheme. Packaging- many marketers does no pay much attention to the quality of packaging, because they simply do not understand the psychological and brand image aspects of packaging. An attractive and innovative packaging can work like a salient sales man-packaging does the hooking function to buyers. A well-packaged product carries not only the brand values but also create an emotional link to your prospects. Not that it is only important for packaging to be eye-catching, aesthetic, but it needs to protect the product inside with proper manner. Q19. Plan the integration of promotional techniques into the promotional strategy for Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd. or any business in the UK (P13). A typical sales promotion budget covers almost 70% of the total consumer sales promotional budget. It is also considered as a brand differentiator by many big players like Coca-Cola. For Coca-cola business experts and academics, sales promotion is regarded as typical marketing techniques that add value to a product in order to achieve specific marketing goals. The primary purpose of promotion strategy is to induce the consumers to make a quick buying-decision in order to create increases sales. Integration of promotion is to offer customers to take chance of winning a prize or offering some extra products with the same price. Sales promotion and marketing are inter-related but not have the similar purpose. The Coca-Cola company takes different promotions activities such as at the world cup football occurring time also at the summer season the takes different promotions activities for achieve the new customers and evaluate their products computations. It is advertising which makes a platform for sales promotion where customers can see the direct added value of buying your product. On the other hand, advertising is an intangible promotion of products to send the marketing message to the customer-base. Q20. Use appropriate technique for measuring campaign effectiveness (P14). It is essential to pretest advertisements to see how effective they actually are in influencing consumers. An ad may have to be redesigned if it is found not be to be as effective as targeted. Developing an advertising program entails several steps: Identifying the target audience- Market reports can be bought that investigate the media habits of consumers of different products and/or the segments that the firm has chosen to target. Determining appropriate advertising objectives- the objectives might include awareness, trial, repurchase, inducing consumers to switch from another brand, or developing a preference for the brand. Settling on an advertising budget. Designing the advertisements- Numerous media are available for the advertiser to choose from. References: Business Knowledge Center. The Marketing Concept. www.netmba.comAccessed September 2004. Chang, T.L. (1995), â€Å"Formulating adaptation marketing strategies in a global industry†, International Marketing Review International Olympic Committee – Organization – Facts and Figures. Retrieved on January 13, 2007 Lynch, R (1997), corporate strategy, Pitman Publishing, Great Britain. Ruth, J.A. Simonin, B.L. 2003. Brought to you by brand A and brand B. Journal of Advertising How to cite Advertising and promotion in Coca-Cola, Essay examples

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Urban and rural areas free essay sample

Human settlements are classified as rural or urban depending on the density of human-created structures and resident people in a particular area. Urban areas can include town and cities while rural areas include villages and hamlets. While rural areas may develop randomly on the basis of natural vegetation and fauna available in a region, urban settlements are proper, planned settlements built up according to a process called urbanization. Many times, rural areas are focused upon by governments and development agencies and turned into urban areas. Unlike rural areas, urban settlements are defined by their advanced civic amenities, opportunities for education, facilities for transport, business and social interaction and overall better standard of living. Socio-cultural statistics are usually based on an urban population. While rural settlements are based more on natural resources and events, the urban population receives the benefits of man’s advancements in the areas of science and technology and is not nature-dependent for its day to day functions. We will write a custom essay sample on Urban and rural areas or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Businesses stay open late into the evenings in urban areas while, sunset in rural areas means the day is virtually over. The flip side of this is that rural areas do not have pollution or traffic problems that beset regular urban areas. Many governments, though focusing on the development of rural areas, have also tried to ‘protect’ these areas as preservation of their country’s basic culture and traditions. Urban areas are also classified according to land use and density of population. But this can vary from developed countries to developing countries. For example, in Australia, urban cities must include at least a 1,000 residents with 200 or more people per square kilometer while in Canada, an urban area is defined with a density of 400 people per square kilometer In China, the density requirement for an urban area is about 1,500 people per square kilometer Statistically, two urban areas with less than two kilometers between them are considered one urban zone.

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Legal Characteristics of a Crime Essays

Legal Characteristics of a Crime Essays Legal Characteristics of a Crime Essay Legal Characteristics of a Crime Essay Legal Characteristics of a crime are: -There must be a failure to act (an omission) which breaks the law. -The act or omission must be seen harmful to the whole community. Summary Offences – are those heard and decided by a magistrate sitting without a jury. They are relatively minor and include motor traffic offences and offensive behaviour. Indictable Offences- are serious criminal offences and may be heard by a judge or jury. They include murder, sexual assault and malicious wounding. The federal government legislates for some criminal offences such as tax evasion, social security fraud and importation of illegal drugs. However most criminal law is state law. Criminal law is found in both common and statute law. Common law still covers many areas of criminal law, for example, conspiracy, and the courts play a major role in interpret ting statutes. The major statute in Australia is the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) which lists offences and prescribes maximum penalties. Other statutes include the Summary offences Act 1988 (NSW) which mostly deals with public order offences and the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW) which covers drug offences. Elements of a crime. -Actus Reus is the guilty act. This is the voluntary commission of an act, or voluntary omission of a duty that breaks the law. The important features of the actus reus are: -The act or omission actually took place -It was done by the accused person -That it was voluntary. If a person have a muscular spasm and hit someone during that spasm, they would not be acting voluntarily and therefore the actus reus could not be proved. -Mens Rea is the guilty mind, this means that the person must have committed the act or omission with the intention to do so recklessly or with gross negligence. This shows that the actus reus must have been committed by a person with one of the following states of mind: -The intention or specific desire to commit the act or omit the duty. -Recklessness – the person could foresee the probability of harm, but acted anyway. -Negligence – person failed to exercise the degree of care. Causation: The act or omission must have caused the specific injury complained of. The principle of causation mainly applies in murder and manslaughter charges. In these cases, if the accused had the mens rea and the actus reus to to commit the murder, but the victims death resulted from other means, then the offence of murder is not proved. In Blaue v R (1975) WLR, the victim was stabbed and upon reaching the hospital refused a blood transfusion, because of her religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s witness. The victim died as a result of refusing the treatment. The accused was convicted of murder for the stabbing, because the stabbing was and ‘operative and substantial’ cause of death. Issues and Remedies Education about why laws are established, how they function and why certain acts are illegal is one of the best crime prevention techniques and should begin in early childhood and continue throughout life. The morals and ethics of certain groups in society might make crime education difficult. Social and economic disadvantage might also make it difficult for people to break a cycle of crime through education. Regulation can also prevent crime. This means that because society has made an action illegal, for example, stealing, that members of society will not steal. Regulations of actions are established by common and statue law and are enforced by the police and the court system. In this way, social order is maintained. Coercion is crime that can be prevented through force. If you steal a car in NSW, then police and the legal system will enforce the law that you are breaking. You will be punished and you would be aware of this before you steal a car. Crime Prevention Social Crime Prevention-Crime can be prevented by changing the social factors which cause people to be criminals. Some criminals come from low socio-economic, minority or disadvantaged backgrounds and may have been surrounded by crime from a young age so that the differential theory comes into play. It is argued that the best crime prevention is through education, employment and a viable social security system. To truly prevent crime, the social causes of a cycle of crime should be broken. Situational Crime prevention –Situations where crime could occur are legislated upon or avoided. For example, parents may stop their children from going to a party where a criminal matter could occur.

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SAT Make-Up Exam on February 20 Heres What to Do

SAT Make-Up Exam on February 20 Here's What to Do SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Winter has come inthe form of Storm Jonas, affecting much of the East Coast. Governors of Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Washington DC declared a state of emergency, and hundreds of SAT test centers closed. DidYOUR January 23rd SAT test center get closedbecause of the storm? How do you maximize your score up until your February 20 makeup exam? Find out here. (Image credit: Weather Channel) By now, the storm and test date have both passed, so if you're reading this you likely had your Jan 23rd SAT canceled. You're in good company. By our count, 837 test centers closed across 22 states - one of the most severe test disruptions we've ever seen.The College Board is planning for a makeup exam to be administered on February 20, 2016. We'll have the final list of test centers that closed as you scroll down, but more importantly,how do you spend your time until the Feb 20 SAT to increase your score?We'll give you the best resources we have to do last minute prep. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points?We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: What to Do After Your SAT GotCanceled So is the Jan 23rd SAT cancellation GOODor BADnews? Some students were understandably rejoicing: So so so so so happy SAT's got cancelled for the day and I got to sleep in 😊😊😊😊 - lexiii (@lexiiweberr) January 23, 2016 I literally started crying tears of joy when I found out my sat was cancelled today :-) - meagan (@meaganbatjer) January 23, 2016 Personally, though, I would HATE for my SAT to be canceled. I treat tests like I'm a boxing match. Throughout the weeks leading up to the test,I build myself up to the pinnacle of my testing ability. I regulate my sleep and diet to make sure I'm at peak performance on Saturday morning. I review my weaknesses the nights before so everything's preloaded in my head. I wake up Saturday morning primed to take on the stupid College Board. If the test gets canceled, that means I have to do this all over again. That sucks. But the great news is, you now have a whole extra month to continue working on your weaknesses. Feeling like you're not at your testing peak yet? Now's your chance to hone in on your weaknesses. We've written the best guides anywhere to get you to maximize your potential. Here are ourmust-read guides to start you off: How to Get a Perfect SAT Score, by a Perfect Scorer Aiming for a high SAT score? I wrote this popular guide to talk you through the strategies and study habits you need to max out your SAT score. How to Get 800 in SAT Reading | SAT Math | SAT Writing I dive more deeply into each SAT section and teach you how to get a perfect score in each of Reading, Math, and Writing. The Best 30-Day SAT Prep Program Available At PrepScholar, we've created the best SAT prep program available. To prove it, we have the only 160 point guarantee - finish the program, and if you don't improve your SAT score by 160 points, you'll get all your money back. PrepScholar customizes to your weaknesses, so it's perfect for the month you have until your SAT makeup in February. In your extra month, work hard, and you canimprove your SAT score by 160 points or more. How to Write an SAT Essay, Step by Step Want a step by step plan to write a strong SAT Writing essay? Here's a guide you can follow to write a winning essay for every single SAT esay prompt. The Ultimate SAT Reading Prep GuideThe Ultimate SAT Math Prep GuideThe Ultimate SAT Writing Prep Guide Here are our most complete SAT prep guides for every section. Feeling week on Reading, Math, or Writing? We've got you covered with the best strategy guides and content available anywhere. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points in 30 days?We have the industry's leading SAT prep program. Built by Harvard grads and SAT full scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible. Check out our 5-day free trial today: Which SATTest Centers WereClosed on Jan 23? Here's theupdated complete list of testing centers that were canceled.At the final tally, 837 testing centers were closed! This is a huge fraction of the country, disrupting many thousands of students. These states were hit the hardest: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. STATE CITY SCHOOL ID Alabama Huntsville Randolph School #01173 Alabama Huntsville The Univ Of Alabama In Huntsville #01174 Alabama Madison Bob Jones High School #01182 Alabama Muscle Shoals Northwest-Shoals Cc #01218 Arksansas Conway University Of Central Arkansas #04239 Arksansas Little Rock Hall HS #04190 Connecticut Ansonia Ansonia HS #07103 Connecticut Bloomfield Bloomfield HS #07120 Connecticut Bridgeport Central Magnet HS #07138 Connecticut Bristol Eastern HS #07145 Connecticut Danbury Danbury HS #07165 Connecticut Darien Darien HS #07180 Connecticut East Haven East Haven HS #07200 Connecticut East Lyme East Lyme HS #07201 Connecticut Greenwich Greenwich HS #07260 Connecticut Groton Robert E Fitch Sr HS #07265 Connecticut Guilford Guilford HS #07266 Connecticut Hamden Hamden HS #07275 Connecticut Hartford Bulkeley HS #07280 Connecticut Meriden Platt HS #07340 Connecticut Middlebury Westover Sch #07345 Connecticut Naugatuck Naugatuck HS #07380 Connecticut New Haven Hillhouse HS #07400 Connecticut New Haven Wilbur Cross HS #07420 Connecticut New Milford New Milford HS #07435 Connecticut Oakdale Saint Thomas More Sch #07477 Connecticut Orange Hope Acad #07487 Connecticut Orange Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy (Sunday Test Center) #07485 Connecticut Pawcatuck Stonington HS #07490 Connecticut Stamford Stamford High School #07565 Connecticut Stamford Westhill HS #07570 Connecticut Stamford Bi-Cultural Day School (Sunday Test Center) #07555 Connecticut Trumbull Trumbull HS #07605 Connecticut Weston Weston HS #07666 Connecticut Willimantic Windham HS #07705 Connecticut Wilton Wilton HS #07710 Dc Washington Anacostia High School #09160 Dc Washington Friendship Collegiate Acad #09129 Delaware Bear Red Lion Christian Academy #08080 Delaware Laurel Laurel Sr High School #08118 Delaware Middletown Appoquinimink High School #08124 Delaware Middletown St. Andrew'S Sch #08122 Delaware Milford Milford High School #08125 Delaware Newark Newark Sr HS #08135 Delaware Wilmington Sarah Pyle Academy #08171 Delaware Wilmington Brandywine HS #08150 Delaware Wilmington Tower Hill School #08175 Georgia Acworth Frederick J Furtah Prep Sch #11553 Georgia Athens Cedar Shoals HS #11205 Georgia Athens U Of Georgia #11120 Georgia Atlanta Georgia State U #11155 Georgia Atlanta Marist Sch #11170 Georgia Atlanta Atlanta Metropolitan State Coll #11226 Georgia Atlanta Benjamin Mays HS #11125 Georgia Atlanta Cross Keys HS #11129 Georgia Atlanta North Atlanta HS #11180 Georgia Atlanta S. Atlanta Sch Of Health/Medical Sci #11195 Georgia Atlanta St Pius X Catholic HS #11190 Georgia Atlanta The Lovett Sch #11200 Georgia Atlanta Westminster Schs #11220 Georgia Augusta John S Davidson Fine Arts Magnet Sch #11232 Georgia Augusta Acad Of Richmond County #11225 Georgia Augusta Butler HS #11235 Georgia Augusta Georgia Regents U #11221 Georgia Augusta Westside HS #11230 Georgia Austell South Cobb HS #11237 Georgia Buford Buford High Sch #11267 Georgia Calhoun Sonoraville High School #11296 Georgia Calhoun Calhoun HS #11275 Georgia Canton Sequoyah HS #11291 Georgia Carrollton Carrollton HS #11293 Georgia Carrollton U Of West Ga #11295 Georgia Chatsworth Murray County HS #11606 Georgia Chatsworth North Murray HS #11607 Georgia College Park Benjamin Banneker HS #11317 Georgia College Park Hapeville Charter Career Acad #11674 Georgia College Park Woodward Acad Mid Sch #11315 Georgia Commerce Commerce High School #11332 Georgia Commerce East Jackson Comp High School #11333 Georgia Conyers Rockdale County HS #11335 Georgia Covington Georgia Perimeter Coll #11334 Georgia Cumming North Forsyth HS #11356 Georgia Cumming West Forsyth High School #11358 Georgia Dallas Paulding County HS #11370 Georgia Dalton Dalton HS #11375 Georgia Dalton Southeast Whitfield HS #11371 Georgia Dawsonville Dawson County High School #11682 Georgia Decatur Southwest Dekalb HS #11392 Georgia Decatur Decatur HS #11380 Georgia Decatur Towers High School #11395 Georgia Douglasville Chapel Hill HS #11404 Georgia Douglasville Harvester Christian Acad #11402 Georgia Duluth Duluth High School #11408 Georgia Elberton Elbert County Compr HS #11425 Georgia Ellenwood Anointed Word Christian Schools Intn #11428 Georgia Evans Evans HS #11430 Georgia Fairburn Creekside HS #11435 Georgia Fayetteville Fayette County HS #11440 Georgia Fayetteville Solid Rock Acad #11592 Georgia Forest Park Forest Park Sr HS #11450 Georgia Gainesville Gainesville HS #11460 Georgia Greensboro Lake Oconee Academy #11522 Georgia Griffin Spalding HS #11476 Georgia Hiram Hiram High School #11492 Georgia Hoschton Mill Creek HS #11491 Georgia Jefferson Jefferson High School #11495 Georgia Jonesboro Mundys Mill HS #11911 Georgia Jonesboro Jonesboro Sr HS #11505 Georgia Jonesboro Mount Zion HS #11507 Georgia Kennesaw North Cobb HS #11646 Georgia Lawrenceville Central Gwinnett HS #11512 Georgia Lawrenceville Georgia Gwinnett Coll #11513 Georgia Lawrenceville Mountain View HS #11515 Georgia Lexington Oglethorpe County HS #11781 Georgia Lilburn Parkview HS #11525 Georgia Lithonia Miller Grove HS #11527 Georgia Locust Grove Luella HS #11574 Georgia Loganville Loganville Christian Acad #11578 Georgia Mableton Pebblebrook HS #11547 Georgia Marietta Alan C Pope High School #11549 Georgia Marietta Dominion Christian HS #11551 Georgia Marietta George Walton Comp HS #11550 Georgia Marietta Lassiter HS #11555 Georgia Marietta Sprayberry Sr HS #11855 Georgia Martinez Augusta Christian Sch #11557 Georgia Milton Milton High School #11571 Georgia Monroe Monroe Area HS #11565 Georgia Mount Airy Habersham Ctrl High School #11345 Georgia Newnan Newnan HS #11585 Georgia Norcross Meadowcreek HS #11124 Georgia Peachtree Corners Wesleyan Sch #11122 Georgia Rome Rome HS #11595 Georgia Rome Shorter U #11604 Georgia Rome Darlington Sch #11593 Georgia Roswell Roswell HS #11601 Georgia Sharpsburg East Coweta HS #11647 Georgia Smyrna Campbell HS #11633 Georgia Snellville Shiloh HS #11573 Georgia Sparta Hancock Central HS #11648 Georgia Stockbridge Stockbridge HS #11653 Georgia Stone Mountain Stone Mountain HS #11655 Georgia Suwanee Lambert HS #11202 Georgia Suwanee Peachtree Ridge HS #11156 Georgia Suwanee Collins Hill HS #11117 Georgia Suwanee North Gwinnett HS #11112 Georgia Tiger Rabun County HS #11680 Georgia Toccoa Stephens County High School #11685 Georgia Trion Trion HS #11687 Georgia Tucker Tucker High School #11056 Georgia Villa Rica Villa Rica HS #11922 Georgia Watkinsville Oconee County HS #11707 Georgia Winder Winder-Barrow HS #11703 Georgia Woodstock Etowah HS #11712 Georgia Woodstock The King'S Acad #11292 Indiana Evansville Benjamin Bosse High School #15102 Indiana Evansville Central HS #15235 Indiana Jeffersonville River Valley Middle School #15467 Indiana New Albany Indiana University Southeast #15612 Indiana Rockport South Spencer HS #15687 Kentucky Bowling Green Western Kentucky U #18117 Kentucky Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Sr HS #18130 Kentucky Lebanon Marion County HS #18143 Kentucky Lexington Henry Clay HS #18150 Kentucky Lexington Sayre Sch #18152 Kentucky Louisville U Of Louisville #18162 Kentucky Louisville Waggener High School #18170 Kentucky Murray Murray High School #18180 Kentucky Paintsville Johnson Central High School #18120 Maryland Aberdeen Aberdeen Sr HS #21100 Maryland Annapolis Annapolis Sr HS #21105 Maryland Baltimore Frederick Douglass HS #21120 Maryland Baltimore Kenwood HS #21127 Maryland Baltimore Roland Park Country School #210180 Maryland Baltimore Archbishop Curley High School #21110 Maryland Baltimore Baltimore Poly Inst #21115 Maryland Baltimore Digital Harbor HS #21102 Maryland Baltimore Gilman Sch #21125 Maryland Baltimore Parkville HS #21144 Maryland Baltimore St Frances Acad #21148 Maryland Baltimore Woodlawn High School #21158 Maryland Baltimore Beth Tfiloh High School (Sunday Test Center) #21167 Maryland Bel Air Bel Air HS #21165 Maryland Bel Air C Milton Wright HS #21168 Maryland Beltsville High Point HS #21175 Maryland Berlin Stephen Decatur HS #21171 Maryland Bethesda Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School #21180 Maryland Bethesda Holton-Arms School #21185 Maryland Bethesda Walt Whitman HS #21195 Maryland Brandywine Gwynn Park Sr HS #21215 Maryland Cambridge Cambridge-South Dorchester High School #21230 Maryland Clarksburg Clarksburg High School #21253 Maryland Columbia Wilde Lake HS #21247 Maryland Cumberland Allegany High School #21260 Maryland Damascus Damascus High School #21264 Maryland Easton Easton High School #21265 Maryland Edgewater South River High School #21267 Maryland Eldersburg Liberty High School #21268 Maryland Elkton Elkton High School #21270 Maryland Essex Our Lady Of Mt Carmel High School #21112 Maryland Federalsburg Colonel Richardson HS #21683 Maryland Forestville Bishop Mcnamara HS #21291 Maryland Forestville Forestville HS #21289 Maryland Forestville Suitland Sr HS #21285 Maryland Fort Meade Meade Sr High School #21128 Maryland Frederick Gov Thomas Johnson HS #21290 Maryland Gambrills Arundel High School #21300 Maryland Germantown Northwest High School #21298 Maryland Glen Burnie Glen Burnie HS #21310 Maryland Great Mills Great Mills High School #21320 Maryland Hagerstown South Hagerstown High School #21329 Maryland Hagerstown St James Sch #21455 Maryland Hagerstown Highland View Academy (Sunday Test Center) #21283 Maryland Harwood Southern High School #21333 Maryland Ijamsville Urbana HS #21258 Maryland Kensington Einstein High School #21335 Maryland La Plata Coll Of S Maryland #21340 Maryland Lanham Duval High School #21345 Maryland Laurel Laurel HS #21346 Maryland Laurel St. Vincent Pallotti High School #21348 Maryland Leonardtown Leonardtown HS #21355 Maryland Olney Our Lady Of Good Counsel High School #21495 Maryland Owings Mills Mcdonogh Sch #21360 Maryland Oxon Hill Oxon Hill HS #21375 Maryland Parkton Hereford HS #21380 Maryland Prince Frederick Calvert HS #21390 Maryland Randallstown Randallstown Sr HS #21395 Maryland Reisterstown Franklin HS #21400 Maryland Rockville Montgomery Coll #21403 Maryland Rockville Thomas S Wootton High School #21420 Maryland Rockville Charles E Smith Jewish Day School (Sunday Test Center) #21410 Maryland Salisbury Salisbury Middle School #21432 Maryland Salisbury Salisbury Middle School (Sunday Test Center) #21431 Maryland Severna Park Severna Park Sr HS #21435 Maryland Silver Spring Montgomery Blair High School #21440 Maryland Timonium Dulaney High School #21470 Maryland Towson Loyola Blakefield HS #21480 Maryland Upper Marlboro Largo High School #21492 Maryland Waldorf Westlake High School #21216 Maryland Westminster Westminster High School #21490 Maryland Williamsport Williamsport HS #21503 Massachusetts New Bedford New Bedford Regl Voc Tech Sch #22565 Massachusetts Waltham Waltham Senior HS (Sunday Test Center) #22830 Mississippi Olive Branch Olive Branch High School #25162 Mississippi Tupelo Tupelo HS #25176 Missouri Poplar Bluff Poplar Bluff Sr HS #26210 New Jersey Allentown Allentown High School #31105 New Jersey Asbury Park Asbury Park High School #31112 New Jersey Atlantic City Atlantic City HS #31118 New Jersey Audubon Audubon High School #31119 New Jersey Basking Ridge Pingry School #310315 New Jersey Blairstown Blair Academy #31145 New Jersey Bloomfield Bloomfield High School #31148 New Jersey Bricktown Bricktown Memorial HS #31166 New Jersey Bridgeton Cumberland Regl High School #31757 New Jersey Bridgewater Bridgewater-Raritan High School #31170 New Jersey Burlington Burlington City High School #31175 New Jersey Camden Camden High School #31181 New Jersey Camden Camden Acad Charter High School #31179 New Jersey Camden Dr. Charles Brimm Medical Arts High School #31184 New Jersey Camden Leap Academy #31177 New Jersey Camden Woodrow Wilson High School #31182 New Jersey Cape May Lower Cape May Regl HS #31185 New Jersey Cape May Court House Middle Township HS #31187 New Jersey Cherry Hill Cherry Hill High School East #31205 New Jersey Cherry Hill Cherry Hill High School West #31208 New Jersey Chester West Morris High School #31211 New Jersey Clifton Clifton High School #31223 New Jersey Colonia Colonia High School #31229 New Jersey Cranford Cranford HS #31235 New Jersey East Brunswick East Brunswick High School #31259 New Jersey East Hanover Hanover Park High School #31262 New Jersey Egg Harbor Township Egg Harbor Twshp High School #31273 New Jersey Elizabeth John Dwyer Technology Academy #31274 New Jersey Englewood Dwight Morrow High School #31289 New Jersey Farmingdale Howell High School #31295 New Jersey Flemington Hunterdon Ctrl HS #31298 New Jersey Freehold Freehold Borough High School #31310 New Jersey Glassboro Glassboro High School #31322 New Jersey Haddon Heights Haddon Heights HS #31343 New Jersey Haddonfield Haddonfield Memorial High School #31346 New Jersey Hightstown Hightstown High School #31367 New Jersey Hillsborough Hillsborough High School #31369 New Jersey Irvington Irvington HS #31385 New Jersey Iselin John F Kennedy Meml High School #31388 New Jersey Jackson Jackson Meml High School #31391 New Jersey Jersey City Henry Snyder HS #31397 New Jersey Jersey City St Peter'S Prep School #31403 New Jersey Jersey City William L Dickinson HS #31406 New Jersey Kearny Kearny High School #31409 New Jersey Lawrenceville Lawrenceville School #31817 New Jersey Linwood Mainland Regl HS #31436 New Jersey Little Falls Passaic Valley High School #31439 New Jersey Little Silver Red Bank Regl High School #31442 New Jersey Long Branch Long Branch HS #31454 New Jersey Manahawkin Southern Regl HS #31466 New Jersey Maplewood Columbia High School #310750 New Jersey Marlboro Marlboro High School #31475 New Jersey Marlton Cherokee High School North #31490 New Jersey Matawan Old Bridge High School #31616 New Jersey Middletown Middletown High School North #31502 New Jersey Monmouth Junction South Brunswick High School #31517 New Jersey Montclair Montclair High School #31520 New Jersey Moorestown Moorestown HS #31529 New Jersey Morris Plains Parsippany Hills High School #31641 New Jersey Morristown Morristown High School #31532 New Jersey Mount Holly Rancocas Valley Regl High School #31535 New Jersey Mountainside Cornerstone Day School #31783 New Jersey Neptune Neptune High School #31541 New Jersey New Brunswick New Brunswick High School #31544 New Jersey Newark Barringer High School #31556 New Jersey Newark Malcolm X Shabazz High School #31562 New Jersey Newark North Star Academy Prep HS #31566 New Jersey Newark St Benedict'S Prep School #31560 New Jersey Newton Kittatinny Regl HS #31574 New Jersey Newton Newton HS #31577 New Jersey North Caldwell West Essex Regl HS #31592 New Jersey Nutley Nutley High School #31601 New Jersey Oakland Indian Hills HS #31607 New Jersey Old Tappan Northern Valley Regl High School #31619 New Jersey Palisades Park Palisades Park High School #31625 New Jersey Parlin Sayreville War Meml High School #31637 New Jersey Passaic Passaic High School #31643 New Jersey Paterson Eastside High School #31646 New Jersey Paulsboro Paulsboro High School #31652 New Jersey Perth Amboy Acad For Urban Leadership Charter High School #31224 New Jersey Piscataway Piscataway Twp High School #31682 New Jersey Pitman Pitman High School #31685 New Jersey Plainfield Barack Obama Green Charter High School #31447 New Jersey Plainfield Plainfield High School #31688 New Jersey Princeton Princeton HS #31703 New Jersey Ramsey Ramsey HS #31712 New Jersey Randolph Randolph HS #31715 New Jersey Red Bank Red Bank Catholic High School #31721 New Jersey Richland Saint Augustine Preparatory #31302 New Jersey Ridgewood Ridgewood HS #31727 New Jersey Robbinsville Robbinsville High School #311326 New Jersey Rockaway Morris Hills Regl HS #31733 New Jersey Runnemede Triton Regl High School #31745 New Jersey Saddle Brook Saddle Brook HS #31751 New Jersey Salem Salem High School #31750 New Jersey Skillman Montgomery HS #31759 New Jersey Somerset Franklin HS #31763 New Jersey Somerville Somerville HS #31766 New Jersey South River South River High School #31778 New Jersey Succasunna Roxbury HS #31787 New Jersey Sussex High Point Regional HS #31795 New Jersey Teaneck Teaneck HS #31793 New Jersey Toms River Toms River High School East #31806 New Jersey Toms River Toms River HS S #31805 New Jersey Trenton Trenton Central High School West #31824 New Jersey Union City Union City High School #31832 New Jersey Vernon Glen Meadow Mid School #31837 New Jersey Vineland Vineland High School #31841 New Jersey Voorhees Eastern HS #31319 New Jersey Waldwick Waldwick HS #31844 New Jersey Wall Wall HS #31846 New Jersey Wanaque Lakeland Regl High School #31847 New Jersey Wayne Passaic County Technical Instit. #31860 New Jersey Wayne Wayne Valley Sr HS #31859 New Jersey Wayne William Paterson U #31647 New Jersey West Caldwell James Caldwell HS #31865 New Jersey West Long Branch Shore Regional High School #311590 New Jersey West New York Memorial HS #31877 New Jersey West Orange West Orange HS #31883 New Jersey Westfield Westfield Sr HS #31886 New Jersey Woodbury Woodbury High School #31907 New Jersey Wood-Ridge Wood-Ridge HS #31908 New Jersey Woolwich Kingsway Regional High School #31413 New York Amityville Amityville Meml HS #33124 New York Bay Shore Bay Shore HS #33144 New York Bayport Bayport-Blue Point HS #33146 New York Bedford Fox Lane HS #33154 New York Bellmore John F Kennedy HS #33710 New York Bellmore W C Mepham HS #33156 New York Bohemia Connetquot HS #33339 New York Brentwood Brentwood HS #33164 New York Brewster Brewster HS #33165 New York Bronx Bronx High School Of Science #333480 New York Bronx John F Kennedy High School #33190 New York Bronx Theodore Roosevelt High School #33204 New York Bronx Dewitt Clinton HS #33176 New York Bronx Frederick Douglas Academy Iii #33171 New York Bronx Harry S Truman HS #33182 New York Bronx Validus Preparatory Academy HS #33187 New York Bronx Sar HS (Sunday Test Center) #33679 New York Brooklyn Abraham Lincoln High School #33214 New York Brooklyn Berkeley Carroll School #330575 New York Brooklyn Brooklyn Lab School #33251 New York Brooklyn Brooklyn Technical HS #33224 New York Brooklyn John Dewey High School #33238 New York Brooklyn Madison High School (Sunday Test Center) #33237 New York Brooklyn Packer Collegiate Institute #33246 New York Brooklyn Science Skills Center High School #33205 New York Brooklyn Sheepshead Bay HS #33252 New York Brooklyn South Shore High School #33256 New York Brooklyn Clara Barton HS #33227 New York Brooklyn Edward R Murrow High School #33228 New York Brooklyn Ft Hamilton HS #33232 New York Brooklyn James Madison HS #33236 New York Brooklyn Medgar Evers College Prep School #33267 New York Brooklyn St Joseph HS #33258 New York Brooklyn Uncommon Charter School #33223 New York Brookville Long Island Univ/Cw Post Campus #33127 New York Cambria Heights Campus Magnet HS #33284 New York Cedarhurst Lawrence Sr HS (Sunday Test Center) #33305 New York Center Moriches Center Moriches High School #33306 New York Centereach Centereach High School #33308 New York Commack Commack HS #33336 New York Cornwall On Hudson Ny Military Acad #33344 New York Deer Park Deer Park HS #33350 New York Dix Hills Half Hollow Hills HS E #33356 New York Dobbs Ferry Dobbs Ferry High School #33358 New York Dobbs Ferry Masters Sch #33360 New York East Hampton Ross School #33897 New York East Meadow East Meadow HS #33366 New York East Setauket Ward Melville HS #33856 New York Far Rockaway Queens High School For Info, Research Tech #33394 New York Flushing The Windsor School #33405 New York Flushing Francis Lewis HS #33406 New York Forest Hills Forest Hills HS #33412 New York Franklin Square H Frank Carey HS #33418 New York Freeport Freeport HS #33424 New York Great Neck Great Neck S HS #33458 New York Great Neck Miller-N Sr HS #33456 New York Hampton Bays Hampton Bays High School #33478 New York Hempstead Hempstead HS #33490 New York Huntington Station Walt Whitman HS #33510 New York Jamaica Hillcrest HS #33522 New York Levittown Island Trees High School #33552 New York Lido Beach Long Beach Senior High School #332885 New York Long Island City Evangel Christian School #33567 New York Long Island City W C Bryant HS #33568 New York Manhasset Manhasset HS #33584 New York Massapequa Massapequa HS #33598 New York Medford Patchogue-Medford HS #33602 New York Merrick Sanford H Calhoun HS #33606 New York Middletown Middletown High School #33614 New York Miller Place Miller Place HS #33618 New York Mt Vernon Mt Vernon HS #33624 New York New Rochelle New Rochelle HS #33642 New York New York A Philip Randolph Campus HS #33265 New York New York Eleanor Roosevelt HS #33668 New York New York Life Sciences Sec Sch #33016 New York New York Northeastern Academy (Sunday Test Center) #33672 New York New York Promise Academy Charter High School #33678 New York New York Washington Irving High School #33690 New York New York Leman Manhattan Preparatory School #33677 New York New York P35/Manhattan High School #33168 New York New York Park West HS #33676 New York New York Thurgood Marshall Academy #33686 New York Newburgh Newburgh Free Acad #33698 New York North Babylon North Babylon HS #33704 New York Oceanside Oceanside HS #33724 New York Old Westbury Westbury HS #33982 New York Peekskill Peekskill HS #33754 New York Ridgewood Grover Cleveland High School #33800 New York Rockville Centre South Side HS #33822 New York Roosevelt Roosevelt Jr-Sr HS #33826 New York Scarsdale Edgemont HS #33842 New York Scarsdale Scarsdale HS #33844 New York Seaford Seaford HS #33854 New York Spring Valley Ramapo High School #33874 New York Spring Valley Spring Valley Sr High School (Sunday Test Center) #33876 New York Springfield Gardens Springfield Ed Complex #33880 New York Staten Island New Dorp HS #33892 New York Staten Island Susan E Wagner HS #33896 New York Staten Island Tottenville HS #33898 New York Suffern Suffern HS #33904 New York Uniondale Uniondale HS #33936 New York Valley Stream Valley Stream Ctrl HS #33946 New York Wappingers Falls Roy C Ketcham Sr HS #33958 New York West Babylon West Babylon HS #33970 New York Westhampton Beach Westhampton Beach HS #33986 New York White Plains White Plains High School #33994 New York Yorktown Heights Yorktown HS #33006 North Carolina Asheville T C Roberson High School #34745 North Carolina Asheville A C Reynolds High School Media Ctr #34120 North Carolina Asheville Asheville High School #34125 North Carolina Asheville Asheville Sch #34135 North Carolina Bladenboro West Bladen High School #34103 North Carolina Bryson City Swain County High School #34171 North Carolina Buies Creek Campbell U #34175 North Carolina Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Sr High School #34205 North Carolina Charlotte Phillip O'Berry Acad #34246 North Carolina Charlotte E Mecklenburg HS #34215 North Carolina Charlotte Garinger Campus Of Schools #34220 North Carolina Charlotte Hawthorne High School #34659 North Carolina Charlotte Mallard Creek HS #34231 North Carolina Charlotte Myers Park HS #34235 North Carolina Charlotte Providence Day Sch #34237 North Carolina Charlotte Providence HS #34236 North Carolina Charlotte S Mecklenburg High School #34640 North Carolina Charlotte Victory Christian Ctr Sch #34234 North Carolina Charlotte W Charlotte High School #34240 North Carolina Charlotte Hawthorne HS (Sunday Test Center) #34697 North Carolina China Grove Jesse C. Carson High School #34868 North Carolina Columbia Columbia HS #34243 North Carolina Concord Ctrl Cabarrus High School #34250 North Carolina Cornelius William Amos Hough HS #34248 North Carolina Dudley Southern Wayne High School #34273 North Carolina Durham Nc School Science Math #34294 North Carolina Durham North Carolina Ctrl U #34295 North Carolina Durham City Of Medicine Acad #34292 North Carolina Durham Jordan HS #34290 North Carolina Elizabethtown East Bladen HS #34325 North Carolina Elon Western High School #34340 North Carolina Fayetteville Cape Fear HS #34693 North Carolina Fayetteville Douglas Byrd Sr HS #34350 North Carolina Fayetteville Terry Sanford HS #34360 North Carolina Franklin Franklin High School #34375 North Carolina Gastonia Hunter Huss High School #34390 North Carolina Gibsonville Eastern Guilford High School #34691 North Carolina Goldsboro Goldsboro HS #34400 North Carolina Graham Graham High School #34405 North Carolina Greensboro Ben Smith Sr High School #34415 North Carolina Greensboro Grimsley HS #34430 North Carolina Greensboro Southern Guilford High School #34468 North Carolina Greensboro The Academy At Smith #34449 North Carolina Greensboro W H Page High School #34435 North Carolina Greensboro The Academy At Smith (Sunday Test Center) #34749 North Carolina Greensboro Grimsley HS-Auditorium (Sunday Test Center) #34425 North Carolina Harrisburg Hickory Ridge High School #34591 North Carolina Hayesville Hayesville HS #34447 North Carolina Hendersonville Hendersonville High School #34455 North Carolina Hickory Lenoir-Rhyne Univ #34465 North Carolina High Point High Point Ctrl HS #34470 North Carolina Hillsborough Cedar Ridge High School #34476 North Carolina Hillsborough Orange High School #34475 North Carolina Hope Mills South View HS #34672 North Carolina Huntersville N Mecklenburg HS #34485 North Carolina Huntersville Lake Norman Charter Sch #34486 North Carolina Indian Trail Porter Ridge HS #34639 North Carolina Jamestown Ragsdale High School #34500 North Carolina Kenansville James Sprunt Comm Coll #34515 North Carolina Kenly North Johnston HS #34896 North Carolina Kernersville E Forsyth High School #34520 North Carolina King West Stokes HS #34534 North Carolina Kings Mtn Kings Mountain High School #34811 North Carolina Laurinburg Scotland HS #34540 North Carolina Lenoir W Caldwell High School #34550 North Carolina Lexington Central Davidson Sr High School #34564 North Carolina Lexington Lexington Sr High School #34560 North Carolina Lincolnton W Lincoln High School #34272 North Carolina Louisburg Louisburg Coll #34569 North Carolina Lumberton Lumberton High School #34570 North Carolina Mcleansville Northeast High School #34571 North Carolina Mint Hill Rocky River HS #34583 North Carolina Monroe Sun Valley High School #34779 North Carolina Monroe Union Academy Charter Sch #34607 North Carolina Mooresville Lake Norman HS #34604 North Carolina Mooresville Mooresville HS #34603 North Carolina Newton Grove Hobbton HS #34625 North Carolina Oak Ridge Oak Ridge Military Acad #34622 North Carolina Oxford J F Webb High School #34630 North Carolina Pembroke Purnell Swett High School #34633 North Carolina Plymouth Plymouth HS #34645 North Carolina Raleigh Broughton High School (Sunday Test Center) #34658 North Carolina Raleigh Athens Drive HS #34666 North Carolina Raleigh Enloe HS W #34670 North Carolina Raleigh Leesville Road HS #34056 North Carolina Raleigh Needham Broughton HS #34665 North Carolina Raleigh Saint Augustine'S Coll #34664 North Carolina Raleigh Shaw U #34662 North Carolina Raleigh Vernon Malone College/Career Ctr #34050 North Carolina Raleigh Wake Christian Acad #34677 North Carolina Red Springs Red Springs High School #34673 North Carolina Rocky Mount Nash Central HS #34701 North Carolina Rocky Mount Northern Nash HS #34695 North Carolina Roxboro Person High School #34705 North Carolina Salisbury Salisbury High School #34725 North Carolina Shelby Crest High School #34740 North Carolina Shelby Shelby High School #34735 North Carolina Siler City Jordan-Matthews High School #34734 North Carolina Smithfield Smithfield-Selma Sr High School #34750 North Carolina Southern Pines Pinecrest HS #34755 North Carolina Southern Pines O'Neal High School #34754 North Carolina Statesville Statesville HS #34765 North Carolina Tabor City South Columbus HS #34781 North Carolina Thomasville Thomasville Sr High School #34790 North Carolina Trenton Jones Sr High School #34772 North Carolina Wadesboro Anson Sr High School #34795 North Carolina Wake Forest Heritage HS #34874 North Carolina Washington Washington HS #34805 North Carolina Whiteville Whiteville HS #34820 North Carolina Wilkesboro Wilkes Ctrl High School #34825 North Carolina Wilson R L Fike Sr High School #34845 North Carolina Windsor Bertie High School #34850 North Carolina Winston-Salem Mount Tabor HS #34866 North Carolina Winston-Salem North Carolina School Of The Arts #34858 North Carolina Winston-Salem Parkland High School #34855 Ohio Chillicothe Chillicothe High School #36170 Ohio Cincinnati Lasalle HS #36180 Ohio Hamilton Stephen T Badin HS #36390 Ohio Marietta Marietta High School #36444 Pennsylvania Abington Abington Sr HS #39100 Pennsylvania Allentown Jewish Day Sch (Sunday Test Center) #39108 Pennsylvania Allentown Louis E. Dieruff HS #39101 Pennsylvania Allentown Wm Allen HS #39112 Pennsylvania Allentown Roberto Clemente Charter Sch #39115 Pennsylvania Altoona Altoona Area HS #39116 Pennsylvania Belle Vernon Belle Vernon Area HS #39141 Pennsylvania Bensalem Bensalem HS #39142 Pennsylvania Berwick Berwick Sr HS #39144 Pennsylvania Berwyn Conestoga High School #39146 Pennsylvania Bethlehem Liberty HS #39152 Pennsylvania Boswell North Star HS #39153 Pennsylvania Brownsville Brownsville Area HS #39161 Pennsylvania Camp Hill Camp Hill High School #39170 Pennsylvania Carlisle Carlisle Sr High School #39182 Pennsylvania Chester Chester High School #39192 Pennsylvania Coal Township Shamokin Area Ms/HS #39644 Pennsylvania Coatesville Coatesville Area Sr High School #39206 Pennsylvania Connellsville Connellsville Area High School #39210 Pennsylvania Cresson Penn Cambria Sr H S #39219 Pennsylvania Drexel Hill Msgr Bonner Arch. Prendergast HS #39230 Pennsylvania Easton Easton Area HS #39238 Pennsylvania Elliottsburg W Perry HS #39243 Pennsylvania Exeter Wyoming Area HS #39262 Pennsylvania Fairless Hills Pennsbury HS-E #39264 Pennsylvania Fort Washington Germantown Acad #39274 Pennsylvania Freeland Mmi Prep Sch #39497 Pennsylvania Greensburg Greensburg Salem HS #39288 Pennsylvania Harrisburg Silver Academy (Sunday Test Center) #39308 Pennsylvania Hazle Township Hazleton Area HS #39318 Pennsylvania Hershey Hershey HS #39322 Pennsylvania Holland Council Rock HS-S #39469 Pennsylvania Imperial West Allegheny HS #39335 Pennsylvania Johnstown U Of Pittsburgh At Johnstown #39342 Pennsylvania King Of Prussia Upper Merion Area HS #39348 Pennsylvania Kingston Wyoming Seminary #39354 Pennsylvania Lancaster J P Mccaskey High School #39365 Pennsylvania Landisville Hempfield High School #39366 Pennsylvania Langhorne Neshaminy HS #39368 Pennsylvania Lansdale North Penn HS #39370 Pennsylvania Lansdowne Penn Wood Sr HS #39372 Pennsylvania Lewisburg Lewisburg Area High School #39384 Pennsylvania Malvern Malvern Prep Sch #39396 Pennsylvania Mckees Rocks Montour HS #39404 Pennsylvania Mckeesport Mckeesport Area Sr HS #39406 Pennsylvania Mill Hall Ctrl Mtn HS #39425 Pennsylvania Monongahela Ringgold High School #39434 Pennsylvania Monroeville Gateway Sr HS #39436 Pennsylvania New Oxford New Oxford High School #39531 Pennsylvania Newtown Council Rock HS N #39468 Pennsylvania Newtown George Sch #39470 Pennsylvania Newtown Square Delaware Co Christian Sch #39471 Pennsylvania Newtown Square Marple Newtown High School #39472 Pennsylvania Norristown Norristown Area HS #39474 Pennsylvania Philadelphia University Of Pennsylvania (Sunday Test Center) #39532 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Archbishop Ryan High School N #39502 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Franklin Towne Charter HS #39540 Pennsylvania Philadelphia J W Hallahan Girls' High School #39495 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Samuel S Fels HS #39519 Pennsylvania Philadelphia St Josephigh School Prep Sch #39522 Pennsylvania Philadelphia West Philadelphia High School #39538 Pennsylvania Philadelphia World Communications Charter Sch #39599 Pennsylvania Pine Forge Pine Forge Academy (Sunday Test Center) #39548 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mt. Lebanon High School #39442 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Penn Hills HS #39574 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Plum Sr HS #39576 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Seton-La Salle Regl HS #39578 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Taylor Allderdice HS #39563 Pennsylvania Plains Coughlin HS-Rpt To Soloman Plains HS #39728 Pennsylvania Plymouth Meeting Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School #39592 Pennsylvania Pocono Summit Pocono Mountain West High School #39685 Pennsylvania Pottstown Owen J Roberts HS #39596 Pennsylvania Pottstown The Hill School #39594 Pennsylvania Pottsville Pottsville Area High School #39600 Pennsylvania Radnor Radnor Sr High School #39612 Pennsylvania Reading Reading Sr High School #39616 Pennsylvania Royersford Pope John Paul Ii High School #39629 Pennsylvania Royersford Spring-Ford High School #39628 Pennsylvania Scranton Scranton HS #39640 Pennsylvania Shillington Governor Mifflin HS #39652 Pennsylvania Shippensburg Shippensburg Area Sr HS #39654 Pennsylvania Springfield Cardinal O'Hara HS #39662 Pennsylvania State College State College Area HS #39670 Pennsylvania Tunkhannock Tunkhannock Area HS #39682 Pennsylvania Tyrone Tyrone Area HS #39688 Pennsylvania Uniontown Uniontown Area Sr High School #39690 Pennsylvania Wallingford Strath Haven High School #39700 Pennsylvania Warrington Central Bucks High School South #39718 Pennsylvania Washington Trinity HS #39709 Pennsylvania West Chester West Chester E High School #39721 Pennsylvania West Chester Westtown School #39726 Pennsylvania West Lawn Wilson Sr HS #39722 Pennsylvania Wyomissing Wyomissing Area HS #39738 Pennsylvania Yardley New Hope Academy #394997 Pennsylvania York Wm Penn Sr HS #39742 Rhode Island Providence New England Academy Of Torah (Sunday Test Center) #40205 Rhode Island Westerly Westerly HS #40255 South Carolina Anderson T L Hanna HS #41105 South Carolina Batesburg Batesburg-Leesville HS #41306 South Carolina Bishopville Lee Central High School #41154 South Carolina Central D W Daniel High School #41125 South Carolina Cheraw Cheraw High School #41165 South Carolina Columbia Ben Lippen School #410501 South Carolina Columbia A C Flora HS #41175 South Carolina Columbia Dreher HS #41190 South Carolina Columbia Eau Claire HS #41211 South Carolina Columbia Ridge View HS #41202 South Carolina Columbia Spring Valley HS #41196 South Carolina Cordova Edisto High School #41214 South Carolina Florence West Florence High School #41220 South Carolina Fort Mill Indian Land HS #41401 South Carolina Gaffney Gaffney Sr HS #41230 South Carolina Greenville Berea HS #41240 South Carolina Greenville Greenville Technical Coll #41244 South Carolina Greenwood Greenwood HS #41260 South Carolina North Augusta North Augusta Sr HS #41325 South Carolina Pickens Pickens HS #41999 South Carolina Prosperity Mid Carolina HS #41322 South Carolina Rock Hill Northwestern HS #41335 South Carolina Rock Hill Rock Hill HS #41550 South Carolina Rock Hill Winthrop U #41337 South Carolina Roebuck Dorman HS #41345 South Carolina Simpsonville Hillcrest HS #41340 South Carolina Simpsonville Southside Christian Sch #41209 South Carolina Spartanburg Broome HS #41351 South Carolina Spartanburg Spartanburg HS #41350 South Carolina West Columbia Midlands Technical Coll #41198 South Carolina Westminster West-Oak HS #41375 South Carolina Woodruff Woodruff HS #41377 Tennessee Antioch Cane Ridge High School #43101 Tennessee Brentwood Brentwood HS #43104 Tennessee Chattanooga Mccallie Sch #43115 Tennessee Chattanooga U Of Tennessee #43117 Tennessee Franklin Centennial HS #43131 Tennessee Hendersonville Pope John Paul Ii HS #43188 Tennessee Jackson Uu Center For Continuing Studies #43145 Tennessee Johnson City East Tennessee State University (Sunday Test Center) #43151 Tennessee Kingsport Dobyns-Bennett High School #43155 Tennessee Knoxville U Of Tennessee #43146 Tennessee Lebanon Friendship Christian School #43171 Tennessee Livingston Livingston Acad #43175 Tennessee Nashville Hume-Fogg Academic HS #43221 Tennessee Nashville Lipscomb U #43210 Tennessee Nashville U Sch Of Nashville #43222 Tennessee Oak Ridge Oak Ridge HS #43225 Tennessee Sewanee St Andrew'S-Sewanee Sch #43230 Tennessee Seymour The King'S Acad #43108 Tennessee Smyrna Smyrna HS #43500 Virginia Abingdon Virginia Highlands Comm Coll #47101 Virginia Alexandria Hayfield Sec Sch #47112 Virginia Alexandria Mt Vernon High School #47110 Virginia Alexandria T C Williams High School #47115 Virginia Alexandria W Potomac High School #47105 Virginia Arlington Wakefield High School #47140 Virginia Arlington Yorktown HS #47150 Virginia Bassett Bassett HS #47152 Virginia Berryville Clarke County HS #47156 Virginia Buckingham Buckingham County High School #47169 Virginia Chantilly Chantilly HS #47180 Virginia Chantilly Westfield HS #47179 Virginia Charlottesville Charlottesville HS #47195 Virginia Chatham Chatham High School #47208 Virginia Chester Thomas Dale High School #47220 Virginia Chesterfield Matoaca High School #47057 Virginia Christiansburg Christiansburg High School #47168 Virginia Courtland Southampton High School #47235 Virginia Culpeper Eastern View High School #47250 Virginia Daleville Lord Botetourt High School #47253 Virginia Danville George Washington High School #47255 Virginia Dendron Surry County HS #47526 Virginia Emporia Greensville County HS #47275 Virginia Fairfax J W Robinson Sec Sch #47295 Virginia Falls Church Stuart High School #47315 Virginia Floyd Floyd County High School #47328 Virginia Fredericksburg Massaponax HS #47299 Virginia Front Royal Skyline High School #47348 Virginia Galax Galax High School #47350 Virginia Hampton Bethel High School #47371 Virginia Hampton Hampton HS #47375 Virginia Harrisonburg Harrisonburg High School #47385 Virginia Henrico Hermitage High School #47575 Virginia Henrico Henrico High School #47591 Virginia Henrico Varina High School #47188 Virginia Herndon Herndon High School #47395 Virginia Highland Springs Highland Springs High School #47400 Virginia King George King George High School #47376 Virginia Lorton South County High School #47428 Virginia Lynchburg E C Glass High School #47435 Virginia Lynchburg Heritage High School #47440 Virginia Lynchburg Liberty University #47431 Virginia Lynchburg Virginia Episcopal School #47445 Virginia Manassas Stonewall Jackson High School #47451 Virginia Martinsville Martinsville High School #47460 Virginia Mclean Mclean High School #47463 Virginia Mechanicsville Hanover High School #47468 Virginia Mechanicsville Lee-Davis High School #47466 Virginia Midlothian Manchester High School #47222 Virginia Mineral Louisa County High School #47226 Virginia Montross Washington Lee High School #47228 Virginia N. Chesterfield Monacan High School #47595 Virginia Newport News Denbigh High School #47480 Virginia Newport News Heritage High School #47488 Virginia Nokesville Brentsville District High School #47489 Virginia Nokesville Patriot High School #47494 Virginia Onley Nandua High School #47515 Virginia Petersburg Richard Bland Coll #47525 Virginia Petersburg Virginia State University #47530 Virginia Powhatan Powhatan High School #47500 Virginia Purcellville Loudoun Valley High School #47659 Virginia Richmond Virginia Union University #47593 Virginia Richmond John Marshall High School #47585 Virginia Richmond Thomas Jefferson High School #47605 Virginia Richmond Thomas Jefferson High School (Sunday Test Center) #47606 Virginia Roanoke Patrick Henry High School #47615 Virginia Roanoke William Fleming High School #47608 Virginia Springfield Robert E Lee High School #47650 Virginia St George Blue Ridge Sch #47656 Virginia Stafford Colonial Forge High School #47629 Virginia Stafford Mountain View High School #47000 Virginia Stafford North Stafford High School #47628 Virginia Staunton Robert E Lee High School #47660 Virginia Suffolk King'S Fork High School #47686 Virginia Suffolk Lakeland High School #47678 Virginia Tangier Tangier High School #47690 Virginia Tappahannock St Margarets School #47695 Virginia Tazewell Tazewell High School #47700 Virginia Victoria Central High School #47900 Virginia Williamsburg Lafayette HS #47745 Virginia Winchester Millbrook High School #47776 Virginia Wise University Of Va At Wise #47760 Virginia Woodbridge C D Hylton Sr High School #47778 Virginia Woodbridge Forest Pk High School #47773 Virginia Woodbridge Garfield High School #47775 Virginia Woodstock Massanutten Mil Acad #47781 Virginia Yorktown Grafton High School #47791 West Virginia Bluefield Bluefield High School #49105 West Virginia Charleston U Of Charleston #49115 West Virginia Glenville Glenville State College #49122 West Virginia Hedgesville Hedgesville HS #49116 West Virginia Logan Logan Senior HS #49134 West Virginia Morgantown West Virginia University #49135 West Virginia Ona Cabell Midland HS #49137 West Virginia Pt. 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